The Run Down

2006 Barossa Shiraz

50% Ebenezer
50% Lyndoch

Our Ebenezer fruit is matured in a mixture of new and aged Minnesota, 3 year old, air dried American oak. The Lyndoch parcel is matured in new and aged Cadus French Bordeaux, 3 year old, air dried oak. Only introducing 30% new oak into the wine each year, results in a fresh intensity, which compliments, rather than overpowers the fruit.

Flavour Profile
The palate runs deep with rich plum and displays a slight mint flavour with that spicy edge from the south. A Raspberry and blueberry swirl, compounded by American oak brings together the combination in the form of intense grape gratification.

2007 Barossa Shiraz

This wine will be bottled in late May, with the intention to release in September. This vintage is generating excitement around the camp fire. What this wine is showcasing after 24 months of barrel maturation and time in the bottle has heightened the anticipation for release. Along side the ’06 which is drinking remarkably well - it’s a bloody beauty!

With only a 400 x 6 packs limit be sure to stake your claim as it’ll be the ‘quick or the dead’. For the seekers of rare treasure there will be 3Lt and 6Lt of this vintage however, ONLY 3 AVAILABLE OF EACH so don’t hesitate to be the first to draw and fire!

2008 Barossa Shiraz

The ’08 vintage is looking like a blow fly in a beer bottle – alive and buzzing! There’s early evidence of a real ‘bite you on the ass’ vintage, bleeding with great fruit which was carefully harvested pre-heat wave.

We have increased volume to 1400 six packs which will be cocked and loaded.

With both regions flying their true colours (and flavours) we take our hats, boots and sometimes other apparel off to our growers. Thankfully there are only two – as we couldn’t take off any more…or drink any more for that fact as these two guns of the vineyard belt the booze down like there’s no tomorrow! ’08 Vintage may only be in barrel for 18 months. With the injection of premium new oak we will allow the fruit to exercise its right to be the man!

’09 Vintage

This one has just finished up and is riding off into the sunset as a colossal year. Our new wines are in the making so get yourself armed, loaded and ready for a 10/11 release for a mongrel to run over your gums. It’s a blend rarely seen… but our motto is’ There Are No Rules’!
Pillaged from a few grateful growers, this fruit is a mixture of Shiraz, Cab Franc and Grenache. It’s a promising wine to compliment our already successful Shiraz.
After good wine and colourful discussion, white wines are in the Outlaw pipe line for the next Vintage. Again something different, delightful and refreshing like a bar room dancer – all pleasure with no strings attached!