2006 Outlaw Shiraz

This vintage was an exceptional year for originality. There was an abundancy of fruit and great fruit at that. Times were tough for growers.........but this is when outlaw's form there strongest allies. Fruit taken from the Ebenezer vineyard enabled us to pick at our pleasure, taking not rows but individual bunches that were ripe and ready for the ride to the crusher.

Whilst meeting a punter from the south quality fruit was assured from Lyndoch with a handshake and a nod...sometimes actions speak louder than words!
Ben and Trev 'the men in black' helped harness this five star wine at Barossa Vintners Winery. The northern fruit did time in American oak and the southern in abused French.

After two years in solitary confinement they were released upon each other. Buxom plum and spice versus raspberry, chocolate and charcoal...neither gave an inch on the palate.

So run it over your gums and get your just reward!